1 Shirt : 4 Seasons - How I Style my (Glassons) Denim Shirt

4:19 pm

So I'm on a mission to create a super flexible wardrobe. A wardrobe where each piece within it easily mixes and matches with the others.
I feel like once I have an adaptable base wardrobe with good, investment pieces I can then consider adding a couple of trend pieces each season. Makes sense right!?
So when it comes to these trend pieces that we're spending money on, we can really get our moneys worth out of them if we know how to wear them in the following months to come. Thus, my 1 Shirt : 4 Seasons : 4 Styles video!
Watch the above video where I show you how I style my www.glassons.com denim shirt, and how I plan on wearing it, later in the year. Enjoy x

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