Decoarting Gifts - Mother's Day Edition

12:10 pm

Mums (or should I say Moms!?) love a home-made element to any gift given to them by their children. Here's just two ideas for Mother's Day.

To make the first Calla Lillie design:

Brown Packing Paper (to wrap present)
Brown Cotton String
Coloured Paper (Lillies)
Coloured Paper (Leaf)
Stapler and Staples

Orange Crepe Paper

  • Per Lillie, you need to measure and cut a 10cm x 10cm square in your petal coloured paper
  • Next, cut your crepe paper into a thin strip, 1cm x 16cm and fold this in half. Repeat for the number of flowers of you're making
  • Go back to your coloured squares and cut a leaf shaped pattern on one edge, and a similar shape on the other but allowing for the petal tip of the Lillie, as you see here
  • Place your folded crepe paper into the bottom centre of your petal paper and gently wrap each side in, and staple in place leaving about a fingers width of paper at the bottom
  • Repeat for your other flowers
  • For the leaf, or leaves if you're making a big bunch, cut square of your green paper in 5cm x 5xm squares and cut into your leaf shape
  • Arrange the flowers as you want them to appear on the gift and place the green leaf over the flower stems, covering any staples that can be seen
  • Using your hole
  • punch, make a hole through all the flowers stems and the leaf
  • Thread your string through this hole and wrap around your gift to hold in place

So remember making these paper snowflakes at school!?
To make this paper design:

Brown Paper
Brown Cotton String
Printer Paper
Stapler and Staples

  • Do you remember making these paper snowflakes at school back in the day? Well, that's essentially what we're doing today
  • With your A4 sheet, fold this in half
  • And in half again
  • Fold up one corner to create a square and trim off the excess
  • Now with this triangle, fold that in half too and trim off the top. This gives us our round shape
  • Holding it in that same new triangle shape, trim off the end slightly and start cutting small designs into the folds and edges
  • Repeat with your other bits of paper
  • Holding one, hold the centre of the circle and gather the edges, creating a flower shape
  • Grab another, and again, fold this around your first flowers you have created to create a more layered effect
  • If your gift is fairly large, you could get away with using all three layers on one flowers, or, make one flower smaller and use as an accent piece
  • Pinch the edge of the flowers and staple together
  • Tie your gift with the cotton string and tuck these stems into the wrapping

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