DIY (Photo Frame) Perfume Tray

1:00 pm

Today, I'll be transforming this old painting we had hidden away at home into a beautiful perfume tray I can use in my wardrobe.
Now you can just as easily purchase a new frame for this project, the best ones to buy with a glass top and higher edges.

To make a design similar to mine, you will need:


Photo Frame
Fabric of your choice
Paints and Brushes

  • To start, I'm removing the backing piece of the frame and any fittings that would make stop the tray from sitting flat on my surface. If you've purchased a new frame for this, it will probably be as simple as prying open the metal holders to remove the back although, you will need to cut the arm off the back in order for it to sit flat
  • Next, remove the contents of the frame, including the glass if possible
  • If you're wanting to paint your frame, we'll do this step first as this will take the longest to dry
  • Now because the back of the painting was the back piece to the frame when closed, I'm cutting out a piece of cardboard to the same shape to replace this
  • I'm also tracing around the edge of the inner circle
  • Onto this shape, I'm filling it in with an even layer of glue before piling on my glitter. This will also need to be put aside to dry. And don't forget, no need to waste any glitter that falls to the table, simply do this over a creased piece of paper and slide any unused glitter back into the container for another project
  • Next, I'm cutting my fabric to the size of the piece I wish to cover
  • And then thinly and evenly applying a layer of glue
  • Gently press your fabric on this piece and smooth out
  • Making a hole in the middle of the circle, I'm making small cuts towards the outer edge
  • I'm then going back and shortening these pieces to allow them to fold over without going over the outer border of the card
  • A simple piece of tape is all you need to stick this down
  • Once your centre has been completed, you can move onto folding in the outer edges until this piece is completely covered and tidy
  • Back to my frame and giving this a light second coat
  • With my glitter board now dry, I'm going around the outer of this card with a thin and even layer of glue before pressing down my fabric covered board
  • To finish, place your frame face down on your work surface, place in your glass giving it a wipe of any finger prints made and gently place in your glitter and fabric piece
  • Pop on the backing card and voila! a beautiful tray for perfumes or jewellery
  • At this stage, you could also put some small feet on the bottom of the tray if you wish and, if you're not wanting to cut the arm off the back of the photo frame in case you want to use this in the future, simply pop on some feet and tape the arm back

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