DIY {Decoupage Inspired} Photo Memory Art

1:00 pm

Hi everyone, well it's another DIY edition today where I take something old and unused and transform, re-use and re-purpose it into something completely different. Today's project starts with a display case that was given to me, previously used to store someone's small bottle collection. If you want to create something similar, I thought maybe you could use several cheap cutlery trays?

  • If you don't know by now, I love the vintage, shabby chic look so, to fit in with the décor of our house I'm painting it in a white wash with paint left over from another project
  • Next, I mixed neutral colours of pale purple and light greys and randomly selected boxes throughout the case to paint
  • You'll see some of the boxes I painted just the back, and some the back and up the sides. Painting up the sides creates a depth to the piece when it was hung on the wall
  • To personalise this piece, I took some of my favourite photos, printed them out in black and white on standard printer paper and cut them to size to fit randomly selected boxes
  • Before gluing them down, I had a play around with the images and where I wanted to place them
  • Once they were all in place, I applied a thin layer of PVA craft glue and carefully pressed the images down
  • With all them now on the back board, I could then go back and in a decoupage type fashion, apply another thin layer of glue over the top of the image. This keeps it in place and gives an aged effect to the paper. You can do as many of these layers as you like, but you will want to allow each layer to dry in between to prevent the paper from ripping, or the ink from running
  • And there you have it, it's finished and ready to hang as an original photo memory art piece for your home or bedroom

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