DIY Necklace / Bracelet Holder

1:00 pm

Hi Everyone,
So today is kind of a Part 2 following on from the DIY Perfume Tray I made last week. Be sure to check that out too if you haven't already. This week, a DIY necklace and bracelet holder.

2x Cardboard Paper Towel Rolls
Fabric of your choice
Two pieces of cardboard the same length as your rolls
Thick Dacron Sheet Filling
Needle and Thread
Handful of heavy stones/pebbles

  • To start, we need to cut our cardboard base. You want the length to be the same as your rolls and wide enough that if you have long necklaces on your stand, they won't drag on your dresser surface
  • Next, cut your padding to this same size
  • Glue the board, and gently apply the padding layer
  • We're then going to cover this base so take your ironed fabric, place it good side down on your work surface and measure out the size needed
  • Gently pull these sides in and secure with tape
  • Next, we're going to cover our first roll. Cut your filling to a width that when rolled over the roll, the ends just meet
  • Tape these in place through the middle and ends
  • Just like we covered our base, we're going to cover this roll. Cut your fabric to shape, noting that on one side, I have ironed a small edging
  • Tape in place, and tuck in the exposed ends
  • The same applies to your second roll but, before we start, this roll needs a small slit cut into the centre of roll
  • Cover as before but don't tape over this opening
  • Once your fabric layer is on, neatly tape the edges around this opening in and don't forget to tuck in your ends
  • Back to our base and we're ready to start assembling it
  • I wanted a really clean look to this project with no exposed edges or messy hot glue
  • To secure the base roll, I've cut a small length of cardboard that when folded in half, fits inside the roll
  • Cut a small slit in the bottom of this to create two little wings
  • Grab your roll again and make a mark of where it comes to on these wings when in place
  • Cut to size and using your needle and thread, sew this cardboard piece onto the base board
  • Place on your roll and fill with your heavy stones to create a strong base that will hopefully prevent this from wobbling too much when your jewellery is in place
  • Squeeze the top of this middle roll to fit inside your top roll and secure in place
  • And there you have it! A tidy jewellery holder where no seams or joins can be seen! Enjoy x
If you haven't already watched last weeks video where we make the matching perfume tray, be sure the follow the links below. Don't forget to give this video a big thumbs up if you liked it and subscribe to see more.

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