DIY Photography Soft Box Light

1:00 pm

If you're just starting out in photography, videography or even YouTube, there's no need to buy expensive equipment right off the bat. Try this easy and CHEAP DIY Soft Box Lighting. It sure does the job for me!

1   Cardboard Box (I've used a banana box)
1   Extra piece cardboard (optional depending on box used)
10m Tin Foil
    Light Bulb (Energy Saving Cool White 24w (eq. 100w)
    White Fabric

  • So first things first, you need to choose a light suitable for what you need. You may want to use a bendable lamp with removable shade. I've opted for a workers light with easy screw in bulb and reflective casing. I also chose it for the clamp style handle at the back and you'll see why soon
  • To start, i'm removing the protective casing from around the outside and the plastic hook that hung at the top so it could be hung. You may need to remove the shade from your lamp to expose the bulb
  • First, I clamp the light in place and turn my box over. Using my pen and paper, I create a template for the extra piece of cardboard I need on the back of the box to allow to the handle to sit through and no light to escape
  • I then cut this piece out on my spare piece of card and double check to see that it's correct
  • Next it's onto covering everything with the reflective foil and I start with the back piece I have just cut
  • I then move onto the main box
  • When it comes to the bottom edge, I'm making a mark with my pen for where the cord need to go through. I don't want this sticking out the bottom, as this will effect how flat my light sits on all surfaces. I'm creating a small round incision for the cord and a larger square to initially thread the plug through. This small hinged door can then me taped shut to prevent letting out any excess light
  • I then continue to cover my box in foil and tape this door shut
  • Next it's in with the light bulb and a quick test to make sure it's all working as it should be
  • Lastly on the box side of things, I tape by back piece in place and my reflective box is complete
  • White my white fabric, you could easily just tape this in place and be done with it, or you may want to use Velcro
  • Because I know I'll be using this box for sometime before purchasing a professional soft box, I have gone ahead and created full seams around the outer edge of my fabric using iron on adhesive
  • And there you have it - a DIY Softbox for under $30!

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