DIY Baby Casting Kit

1:00 pm

I had always meant to do a plaster cast or our babies hands or feet but had never gotten around to it. Her first birthday prompted me to look into a DIY Casting Kit recipe to mark the occasion and is perhaps something that we could continue to do each year. So here it is, my DIY Baby Casting Kit recipe

1/2 Cup Flour
1/2 Cup Salt
1/4 Cup Water
Food Colouring (optional)

  • To start, pre-heat your oven around 100c or 200f
  • In a mixing bowl, combine together your flour and salt. The salt looks awesome on the finished product as it gives the effect of glitter
  • This next step is optional. If you would like to have a coloured cast, try adding around 2 tablespoons of food colouring in your chosen colour
  • Next, start by adding just 3 tablespoons of water to start with and continue to add by only one tablespoon at a time until your dough stays together when pressed
  • At this stage, knead the mixture until any stickiness has disappeared and evenly roll out into your desired shape. This mixture is only really enough to do one foot, or one hand so keep this is mind
  • Now for the hard part... catching the little monkey you want to make a cast from! I found this easiest to roll out my dough directly onto the baking tray as it could be tipped and manoeuvred as needed. To do a foot, I found it easiest to lay the tray on the ground have my daughter kind of step into it as I pressed her foot down further into the dough. It does rise slightly, so make sure you get a deep impression
  • Then, it's into the oven for around 3 hours on a really low heat. Around 100c or 200f
*No babies were harmed in the making of this video/blog entry!

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