{Organisation} How to Fold a T-Shirt - In Just Seconds!

1:00 pm

Ladies, your man now has no excuse! Teach him to fold his T-Shirts in a neat and orderly fashion in just seconds with this easy fold.

  • Lay the t-shirt face up on a flat surface and smooth out any bumps or wrinkles
  • Stand side on to the shirt, with the neck line on your left
  • Find the centre line of the t-shirt (in front of your belly). This is between the top neck line and bottom hem
  • Next, find the shoulder line furthest from you. This starts from in between the side of the neck line and start of the sleeve and continues to the bottom hem
  • Now make note of three points. The middle point where your middle line, crosses your shoulder line. The top neck line and bottom hem, all along this one line
To Fold:
  • With your right hand, pinch the middle point being sure to collect all layers of the shirt
  • With your left hand grab the top point
  • Keep the right hand still and bring your left hand over and around your right hand to grab the third point
  • Gently untwist your hands and shake out the shirt
  • You will now have a tidy fold with one sleeve remaining out
  • Simply fold the shirt over, tucking the sleeve over and voila, a tidily folded shirt in just seconds!

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