DIY Lemon Nail Pamper - For Whiter Shinier Nails

8:00 am

Has long time polish wear yellowed your nails? Try these easy, DIY home nail pamper treatments using lemon, a natural whitening agent. Create whiter, shinier nails.

Maintenance Treatment:
1/2 Lemon
1    Cup Warm Water
1    Tbsp Baking Soda
1    Small Mixing Bowl
1    Towel

  • To start, mix the baking soda into the warm water
  • Run the flesh of the lemon onto each nail, leaving it on as you continue around your hand
  • Soak in the warm soda water for several minutes
  • Dry, and buff
Intensive Treatment:
1/2  Lemon
1    Soaking Bowl (to fit both hands)
     Warm water
     Baking Soda
1    Small mixing bowl
1    Old toothbrush or nail brush
1    Towel

  • Squeeze your lemon half into the small bowl
  • Add enough baking soda to create a thick paste
  • Using your brush, vigorously scrub each nail, leaving the mixture on as you continue around your hand
  • Rinse in the warm water and again, use the brush to remove any remaining lemon mix, not to mention yellowing!
  • Dry, and buff

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