DIY Sharpie Mugs (and why they often FAIL!)

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Welcome back everyone. This is another SUPER old post of mine that remains to be popular. Those Sharpie Mugs just still aren't going away! So, with the trend set to stick around for many more Christmas, Valentines and Birthday Gift seasons, I give you my 7 Top Tips for a Successful Sharpie Mug.**

Back to the original post...
DIY Sharpie Mugs. They're a fantastic idea, that's super easy but.... it hasn't been working for everyone that tries it so, after many trial and errors, I'll give you a few pointers on why they sometimes fail and tips on how to make it work for you

The whole point of this DIY is that the Sharpie Pen penetrates the glaze of the mug to become a permanent design that won't wear or wash off within the first few uses so:

Tip #1: Use an OIL BASED Sharpie
These sharpies are more resistant when it comes to future washing of your cup and the longevity of your design

Tip #2: Buy a CHEAP mug!
The more expensive the mug, the thicker the glaze and the harder it is for the sharpie to penetrate it and set

Tip #3: Draw over your designs twice allowing them to dry in between each application and remember.... some colours will fade during baking. Red, can turn to yellow and black doesn't stay jet black, it will fade to a brownish grey. (Those pictures with jet black ink after baking - they must be lying! or have been taken before actually baking)

Tip #4: Allow the sharpie to fully dry before placing in the oven

Tip #5: Let your mug/s heat up with the oven and cool with the oven
You don't want to be placing a glazed cup straight into a hot oven - help prevent cracking!

Tip #6: Bake it HOT
Most other tutorials suggest baking for half an hour at 350f (180c) This just isn't hot enough to penetrate the glaze of most mugs

Let your mug heat up from cold in the oven to 220c / 230c. Bake for 1/2 an hour. Cool until you can touch in the oven also

Tip #7: Hand Wash Only
Even after all this work, your designs still aren't completely permanent. Hand wash only with only a soft sponge.

It's really all about finding the perfect mug and using the right sharpie... so if you do, let others know in the comments below where you got yours from so others can enjoy a no-fail DIY Sharpie Mug too!

Best of Luck x

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