DIY Cat Mask + Template

8:00 am

With Halloween just around the corner at the end of this month, I'm kicking off my Halloween themed month with this easy, feline inspired mask - great for the kids to make and wear!

What you'll need:
2x   Black Felt
1x   Yellow Felt
1x   Purple Felt
1x   Scissors
1x   Template (printed from below - click to view full copy)
     Sewing Pins
     Craft / Fabric Glue
80cm Black Ribbon
     Pen (optional)
1    Stapler + Staples
Click on the below image to view the full, printable A4 Template
Cut out all shapes on the template. Cutting 2x mask shapes.
Any greyed out areas need to be cut out also.
Following the colour guides on the shapes, pin your template pieces to your felt and cut your shapes

Glue together the eyes and allow to dry

Cut out the ears in purple and glue to one mask

Next, on this same piece, glue on the eyes you glued earlier

On the remaining mask piece, cut your ribbon into two and lay each piece on the side of the mask, around the eye level or try on first.
Staple twice using your stapler upside down so the sharp edges will be on the inside on the mask and the smooth ones against your face

Glue this piece to the decorated piece, focussing some extra glue on and around the staples
Allow to dry thoroughly before wearing

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