DIY Fox Mask + Template

9:42 am

This is now a SUPER old video / tutorial of mine. I look back at the quality of, everything, in this and shudder. None the less, it remains to be an ever popular post so live it shall remain!

Keep reading for instructions on how to make this super simple Felt Fox Mask with free, printable, template below.

Equipment needed:
2x Tan Felt
1x White Felt
1x Black Felt
Template (click to view full size template below and print)
Craft / Fabric Glue
Sewing Pins
80cm Tan Ribbon
Stapler and Staples

  • Cut out template shapes, including cutting out the eyes
  • Pin your mask shape to the tan felt and cut 2x pieces
  • Glue on the muzzle and ears
  • The finishing touch is to add the black nose I also chose to add small black whisker spots
  • With the last remaining mask piece, cut your ribbon into two equal lengths and using your stapler upside down, staple each side twice. (We use it upside down so the smooth side is against the face and the rough side hidden between the mask pieces)
  • Glue the two mask pieces together, focussing the glue on and around the ribbon staples
  • Allow to fully dry before wearing 
Click into the below image to view full size template for printing

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