DIY Kids Paint + Fun Canvas Idea

8:00 am

With the Christmas School Holidays just around the corner, Mums will be starting to think about easy, cost effective activities to keep the kids busy. This simple, DIY Kids Paint is essentially, a watered down home-made playdoh mix that dries with a fantastic texture and holds colour really well! It's a must try.

1 Cup Standard Flour
1 Cup Salt
  Food Colouring

  • In a mixing bowl combine your flour and salt
  • To this, add enough water to form the paint consistency that you would prefer
  • Mix well, being sure to break up any flour lumps that may form
  • Once mixed, divide evenly between as many containers as you want colours
  • Add a generous dash of food colouring to each and stir through
The paint can be used just like any other and will dry with a slight sandy texture.

One fun canvas idea is to use painters tape, masking tape or even electrical tape that I had lying around the house and tape off random lines across the canvas. Completely cover the canvas in paint and allow to dry before removing the tape strips to reveal a funky and original kids artwork!

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