DIY Lace Cuff

11:19 am

Chunky cuff bangles are a big trend right now and one that is here to stay. One easy way to keep up with this trend are these affordable DIY Lace Cuffs. So simple to make. Take a look :)

Equipment needed:
Lace (30cm made two for me but I have small wrists)
PVA and brush
Bottle or shape that resembles your wrist size
Plastic Wrap

So I'm starting with the wrist shaped insert from a watch box, purely because of its shape but, you could also use a small bottle or squashed cardboard roll
Next, I'm covering this in plastic wrap
Taking my piece of lace which was super cheap, I think I paid .90c for 30cm and this made two cuffs. I'm measuring it around my wrist and cutting to size
With my PVA, I'm liberally covering the entire lace front and back
and wrapping this around the plastic covered shape to keep it's form
This needs to dry so I've placed a ruler inside the shape and laid it to rest in a small jar for the night
The next morning, your PVA should have thoroughly dried and your cuff will be taking on a stronger, starchier feel
One more coat is needed and make this coat a good one
Again, allow to dry throughout the day or overnight
Once dry, carefully pry your finger beneath the hardened lace and loosen it away from the plastic wrap and shape
If your ends have been glued together here like mine, simply make a small cut either side of this to reveal your finished cuff


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