DIY Rag Rug

3:18 pm

I have loved the idea of making one of these rugs for years now. I remember watching my Nanna make one when I was younger. Of course, the colours she used were more browns and oranges as were the trend at one time, many moons ago!
At last, I made the time to sit down, relax and potter away at one of these Rag Rugs and I'm so glad I did. How satisfying it is to see something hanging on the wall that I put so much time and effort into. So pretty.

Equipment needed:

Scrap fabric
(Altogether, to create this small rug, small enough for two feet to comfortably stand on, I used approx. 1.15m made up of three complimentary colours)
You will also want to look for at least some fabric that is coloured on both sides, while the remaining fabric will give an extra pattern effect being coloured on one side and white or cream on the back side

Non-Slip Mat
(These come in varying thicknesses and hole sizes. I got the thickest available with the biggest holes I could find)

Scissors - suitable for cutting fabric

Skewer Stick
Of course, you could use anything similar in shape and size. This is simply to help push the fabric through the non-slip mat

Iron & Ironing Surface


  • To start, roll our your matting to the size your require or, draft the shape you are wanting to create, in this case I've gone with a heart and cut to your desired shape and size
  • Next, iron your fabrics flat and use the fold lines as a guide to your cutting of your strips. For my strips, I've created 6cm x 2cm strips and I found this was the perfect density and height if I were going to use it as a mat but, after all the time creating this piece, I'm using this one as a wall hanging.
    So strips roughtly 6cm x 2cm but this is rag rug after all, no need for perfection here
  • To push the fabric through, I'm using my skewer to coerce the edges of a fabric piece through and the opposite corners through into the neighbouring hole. Pull them through on the other side using your fingers and adjust so they are sitting evenly.
    You'll notice I'm starting in the middle of my rug. This project gets pretty heavy as you go along and I found it easier to hold onto my working my way out from the middle, always having even edges around the sides to hold onto. Now, the next reason for this, is that if I were to run of out of fabric, I could go around the outside in a different colour if I needed too without having to undo much
  • In total, the project took around 3 days, spending a good 2-3 hours on it each day. Well worth the effort and a great little project to potter away at in front of the telly in the evenings :)
I would love to see pictures of your rag rugs that you have created so don't forget to join us on Twitter and Facebook to share your work!


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