{Organisation} How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

8:00 am

Learn how to fold a fitted sheet correctly to save you space in your linen cupboard because, believe it or not, the old 'scrunch and roll' is not the only technique! he he

So to start, lay your sheet out on a flat surface. A table, the floor or even easiest, the bed.
Lay the sheet down with the good side (The side you sleep on) facing down onto the surface and allow the elasticated edges to sit as they naturally want to
On the bottom edge, pinch one of the corners with one hand

Still pinching the corner, push your hand through from the right side, into the inside so that the seam is now facing you

Do the same with the other hand

With these handfuls, push them up and into the other two corners.
All the seams should be on the inside and only the good side facing out

Shake it out, lay it flat and tidy up the sides so that the sheet forms a nice square shape

Fold down the top, bulky layer 1/3

Fold down the remaining 1/3

Fold in half

and in half again, and you're done!
A tidily folded fitted sheet that will take up no space at all in your linen cupboard!


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