{DIY Christmas} Christmas Letters

2:23 pm

These MDF Christmas letters are cheap and fun to create yet sturdy enough to last for years to come to bring out each year to decorate the home in the festive season. See below for my how-to:

Equipment Needed:
MDF Letters
Paint and Paint Brush
Scrapbook Paper
PVA Glue

  • Paint the back-side and sides of each letter
  • Allow to fully dry
  • Once dry, place each letter with the good side facing your paper and trace around it's shape
  • And cut
  • PVA the good side of each letter
  • Apply paper cut out
  • Use the ruler to evenly scrape over the surface to remove any air bubbles
And there you have an easy DIY Christmas Décor piece that's sturdy enough to store away and bring out each year to decorate your home

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