{DIY Christmas} DIY 3D Paper Snowflakes

8:00 am

I just love these 3D Paper Snowflakes. They look so intricate and elegant hanging in the window at Christmas time but they are so simple to make! Give it a try yourself!

Required Equipment:
Stapler and staples


To start, we need a square of paper. If starting with a standard A4 piece, simply fold to create an even square and trim off any excess. Fold across diagonally to create a triangle

Fold this triangle in half again...
and unfold so we can see the crease
Onto this triangle, either side of the crease, create 4 dots, evenly spaced apart

From these dots, draw 4 lines up towards the centre crease but finishing 1cm from it
Next, cut along the lines you've just drawn
Unfold, and this is what your shape should look like
To start forming the snowflake, take the two centre pieces and tape them together
Then, flip onto the backside of the paper and this is what you'll now be looking at
On this backside, take the next pieces on each side and tape these together
Flip back to the right side that we started on and this is what it will now look like
Continue to take a piece from each side and join together before flipping and doing the same on the opposite side until...
This, is what you're left with
Now create 5 more shapes using the same instructions
Arrange all six pieces so that the curved top of each piece is facing in the same direction and staple together at the centre
Next, go around with your stapler and staple the sides of each piece together
And there you have it, you're completed 3D Snowflake, ready to hang :)

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