{DIY Christmas} DIY Rainbow Weave Gift Wrap

8:00 am

Gift wrapping can be quite an art in it's own sake, really. There's something about a perfectly wrapped gift that makes it seem so much more special when both giving and receiving. I've always loved the clever designs that can turn any plainly wrapped gift such as the brown packing paper used below into a magical experience. See below
for just one cute idea.

Equipment required:
Coloured / Printed / Scrapbook Paper


Starting off with scrap or coloured paper...
Rule thin, equal sized lines onto the back of each piece and cut to a width that will suit the size of your gift once completed
Line these pieces up in a row, arranging the colours as you prefer
And onto the bottom of this, stick a piece of cellotape over the ends of these pieces being sure to leave a slight gap between each...
and enough cellotape to tape onto the backside, long edge of your gift
Repeat these steps and create a another row of paper this time taping to the neighbouring short edge of your gift
Next, turn your gift over and arrange one set of papers across the top
Take the paper from the other side of the gift and one by one, begin to weave these pieces through the other set
Pull one set taught and tape on the underside of the present
Arrange the spacing on your weaved paper as you want it to appear on the final look and pull this side taught also, taping on the underside of the gift
With your coloured weave complete, you're free to add any further decoration as you wish :)

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