{DIY Christmas} Bow Garland

8:00 am

How pretty are there Bow Garlands!? A fantastic alternative to bunting for any occasion and a great project to potter away at in an array of different colours to suit your festive or celebratory occasions for years to come. I'm hoping this Christmas Bow Garland will be one I bring out each year to decorate the house.

Equipment needed:
Fabric (Each bow requires an A4 size piece of fabric and a shorter piece around 9cm x 2cm)
Thread (This isn't seen so doesn't matter what colour)
Iron and ironing surface

For each bow, trace around an a4 piece of paper. This is your standard printer paper size or, measure 29.5cm x 21cm

 Fold this piece in half. Long edge to long edge. Pin and sew this top seam with a seam allowance just the size of your machine footer.

Turn the right way out and iron with the seam sitting in the middle of your back-side

This piece now also gets folded in half. This time, short edge to short edge with your seam facing outwards. Pin and sew along this short side.

Again, turn this piece right way out and iron with your newly created seam sitting in the middle

Turn over, with the good side facing you and pinch the fabric together in the middle, or create an accordion fold

Taking a scrap or left over piece of fabric, cut a smaller piece around 9cm x 2cm

Iron both sides into the middle

Take this piece and tightly wrap around the middle of your bow

Pin in place and trim off any excess fabric beyond your stitch

And there you have it, an easy fabric bow to start your garland. Simply repeat until your garland has reached the length you would prefer.

To sew your bows together, simply make a small stitch through just a single layer of the back-side of each bow

And there you have a beautiful fabric garland that can be used for any festive season in place of a traditional bunting. Enjoy x

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