{DIY Christmas} Gift Bow

8:00 am

I've always had an issue with giving people store bought cards. They're so expensive and all people do is throw them out at the end of the day. The same can be said for gift bows. They are really over priced for what they are, really. And how many people actually save them to use another day? Well, now you can quickly whip up your own gift bows that look absolutely stunning and cost almost nothing at all to make!

Equipment needed:
Paper (Scrapbooking Paper is best)

Start with a nicely coloured piece of paper. Scrapbooking paper works best as its generally a little thicker and comes in some amazing designs. If you're using scrapbooking paper, you'll be starting off with a square approx. 30cm  by 30cm

On the backside of your paper, draw 9 lines with a width of 2cm each. Then draw a 10th line with a wider width of 3 or 4cm.
Now, because the bow is made up of layered shapes that each sit inside each other, we need to create some shorter pieces.

Leave 3 pieces at the full paper height, then measure down 4cm. This is the height of the next 3 pieces and again, measure down 4cm and this is the height the last 3 pieces

Once cut, this is what your paper pieces should be looking like
(although your last piece should be wider as stated above)

Fold each piece in half and unfold. We want to know there the centre line of each piece is

Loop each end into that middle line...

And secure with tape

Continue the above steps with the remaining pieces. And your last, wider piece is simply looped into a circle.


To start creating your gift bow, arrange your three largest pieces in a star shape. The bottom piece lying straight up and down and the two other pieces criss crossing through the middle. Secure between each new addition with double sided tape

Next, arrange your next three piece in the same fashion but, placing the points of your shapes in the gaps between the first layers

And repeat the same process with the last three remaining pieces. You'll see your layers are really starting to build up now and you should have what looks like a gift bow

To complete your bow, simply tape in the final, wider loop into the centre of the bow and you're complete :)

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