{DIY Christmas} Origami Gift Bow

8:00 am

These origami gift bows are super cute and not at all as hard as they might appear. But, it's one of those tutorials where it really is just easier to look at the pictures yourself to work your way through the steps. Follow the steps below to create your very own origami gift bows :)

To start, you need a square piece of paper

Fold this piece in half in both directions, coloured side in.
This is creating a 'mountain fold'

Unfold and fold diagonally, in both directions. This is creating a 'valley fold'

 Unfold, to reveal the creases you have created

Following these creases, fold the paper with the good side in, into this diamond shape

Fold over the tip of this diamond, just a couple of cms

Unfold again, to reveal the new mini square you have created in the centre of the paper

Re-fold along the outer edge of this square

Then, press the square into itself
You'll now have a diamond shape again this time, with the top tip folded within the shape

With this folded edge at the top of your shape, fold in the top side layers on both front and back

Gently unfold, being careful to keep the centre square in tact.
This is what it will look like

Lay your paper out so it sitting as here

Cut along the seams of the double layers

 Fold the top layer down

Next, fold the pointy edges down to the crease line

Flip the bottom piece up and over the top

and repeat the same on the remaining side pieces, folding the point down to the crease line but, slightly overlapping the previous piece

With the large bottom piece of the bow, fold in each side

Flip to the front side of the bow
Cut down the centre of the 'tail' being careful not to cut or damage the central square

Flip the bow back over and fold the middle of each tail towards the outer edge

Back to the front again and we're tucking the pointy edges under the edge of our central square. The reason we overlapped these pieces earlier was no white from the underside of the paper shows through once folded in this way

Lastly, trim the ends of the bow

And you're complete! x

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