{DIY Christmas} Origami Gift Boxes

8:00 am

It's always a great feeling to give someone something you have made and often, it means a lot to them too. Something you have put your time and effort into are often worth more than any store bought gift. These easy origami gift boxes are fun to make, can be made in all sorts of colours and sizes and hide a multitude of goodies within!

2x square pieces of paper


To start, if you're using scrapbook paper, you'll have one coloured side and one white side. We want to start with the white side facing up.

Fold the right side to the left. Make a solid crease and unfold.
Next, fold the bottom edge to the top edge. Make a solid crease and unfold.
These creases we're creating help to make the final box so make sure you're pressing down hard along any folded edges.

The next step, fold all corners evenly into the middle. Don't unfold.

Take the right side of your existing paper shape and fold the edge in until it meets the centre point where all our corners meet.
Next, do the same on the left side.

Unfold these two creases and follow the previous step, now for the top and bottom edges

Now, we can unfold everything. Back to the blank piece of paper we started with only it has a lot of creases. Now don't be intimidated, these lines help guide us to form our gift boxes

You'll notice, there is central square shape in the centre of the page. Choose just one side of this square to focus on

Fold the point of the corner on this side of the square into the centre middle point and fold along the initial line of the square you chose

And simply repeat on the other side...

For the remaining two sides to be folded in, following the creases in the paper, fold these in to form small triangles so that the sides are now the same width of the box we have created so far

Do this on both sides, folding the point of the corners into the central point, which has now become the middle bottom of our box

Repeat on the last remaining side to complete the bottom half of the box

Your box so far, should be looking like this... :)

To create the other half of the box, simply repeat all the previous steps with a second piece of paper, however.... This second piece needs to be at least 0.5cm smaller around all sides

Complete your second half of the box and they should nestle into each other perfectly...

And voila! You have a completed small box to hide a multitude of goodies in this Christmas!


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