{DIY Christmas} Paper Fortune Cookies

8:00 am

There's a certain thrill and anticipation that one feels when they crack open a Chinese fortune cookie. We're all after a message of encouragement or hope and now, you can treat all your guests to a sweet little message tucked inside a hand-made token.

Equipment needed:
Paper (Stronger scrapbook paper is best)
Cup or Compass


Start with some coloured paper in a design that suits your event or season. Thicker, scrapbooking paper is best for this project and will more easily hold it's shape. 

Using a compass or simply drawing around the edge of a cup, trace a circle shape onto your paper

and cut to size

To create the fortune cookie, press the coloured side of the paper into itself making a small pinch with your fingers in the centre of the circle

Next, take a contrasting piece of paper and cut a small, narrow strip. The exact size will vary depending how big your original circle is

Onto this, write your fortune or well wish and fold in half

Next, fold the circle again. This time, with your coloured side facing outwards and only gently hold this by the outer edge
Into the centre of what will become your cookie, slip in your greeting

Gently press the crease you created earlier into itself, encouraging the paper to fold itself into the traditional fortune cookie shape. This step will become quite simple the more cookies you make

Secure the cookie shape by either taping or gluing the two inner sides together

And there you have it, a fun conversation starter to pass around the table and share amongst your guests

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