{DIY Christmas} Santa Hat Chair Covers

8:00 am

I've always dreamed of decking my house out with an outlandish amount of Christmas decorations for my kids each year to REALLY get into the spirit and this project, is hopefully one that will last for years to come.

Equipment needed:
Red Felt
White Felt
Red Thread
White Thread
Measuring Tape
Sewing Pins

Starting with the chairs your dressing, you want to know the width at the widest part and the height of the backs of the chairs. Jot these numbers done because we allow need to allow for a seam allowance when sewing and, with the height of the chair, finish measuring a couple of inches shy of the seat. That way, when people got to sit down, they won't sit on the cover, tugging or pulling it out of shape

On your red felt, measure out your first piece.
To your width measurement, add a half inch each side for the seam and leave your height calculation as it measured

Cut out the shape and pin to the remaining fabric for further, consistently sized piece

 On your white felt, measure the band that will sit at the base of each chair cover. The width is the same as you have calculated above and I found that a height of 3 inches suited my chairs

Pin the white bands onto each red shape and sew along top and bottom edges with the white thread

With your two sides now sewn, place one piece right side up and the other, right side down on top of this. Pin and sew around the four top edges with your red thread

Snip each corner to help take the bulk out when turned right way out

Turn right side out and iron flat

Next, pin or draw a marker line across the cover from side corner to side corner. This will prevent the cover from slipping too low on the chair

With any remaining felt cut small, even strips and tie in the middle using your white thread

Fluff out your newly created pom pom and sew the tip of each cover

Merry Christmas xx

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