{REVIEW} Bourjois Smokey Eye Trio - 13 Brun Wood

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Bourjois products are not sold here in New Zealand, not unless you order them online yet, somehow, it has managed to wangle it's way onto my radar and with a great name and reputation to boost. It seemed to start popping up on my online shopping sites and these Smokey Eye Trio Palettes were what first attracted my attention to the brand with their seemingly everyday, neutral natural shades. Then, some of my favourite YouTube gurus starting using Bourjois products in their videos. Well, that was it. This product was worth trying.
Check out my video review here:

I made my purchase on ASOS.com. A site I have ordered from before and had no issues with. Until this order. While I ended up loving this product (yes, I'm getting to that part!) I was really disappointed with this purchase. And this is why. See, THIS is the colour I thought I had purchased:

A nice colour combination right!? A dewy champagne beige, a light toned copper, perfect for blending out onto the crease line and a deep chocolate brown to enhance and define.
So turns out, the above colour combination is called 03 Mordore Chic. THIS however is what I received:
13 Brun Wood.
So, turns out that the above number 13 combination is what I ordered. I was expecting something called Brun Wood. However, when I clicked on this name, a picture of the 03 combination up. Bad job ASOS. False advertising. I was duped! Or more so, confused.
Anyway, long (too long) story short, this palette only cost around NZ$13 and as it came from the UK, wasn't worth the international return postage to swap or return it. So, I gave it a go! Why not.
The 13 Brun Wood has, what I would call a dirty gold, red toned copper and a deep black chocolate brown. Not what I was looking for for an everyday look but, it grew on me....
Colour Pay Off:
The colour pay off of these colours are a-ma-zing. You don't just get colour. You get WHAM! - COLOUR! Now, I don't own any Mac. I don't own any Urban Decay nor do I own any high end products to compare this to. But I was impressed. I'm a fan.
The colours also seemed to blend nicely. Not as smoothly as I imagine Mac products might, but much easier than any other affordable range I have tried before.
The plastic packaging is nice enough. Seems sturdy enough. I haven't read any bad reviews regarding the packaging and I would certainly be happy enough to chuck this in a travel make-up bag.
Each colour combination (also available in purples, blues, greens and greys) has a different coloured outer shell. The back, features a diagram on how they suggest creating your smokey eye. I ignored this suggestion as coming from searching for an everyday palette to putting the darkest colour on the lid, seemed daunting. I went ahead and used the copper on the lid and the chocolate brown to define the outer V and lower lash line. The gold colour I avoided as I feel it would look better on a more olive or darker skin tone.
The packaging also has a cute silver button to open the Trio. A nice touch for a cheap product I thought. The one downfall perhaps - no mirror.
It also contains a small double sided applicator. Quick question - who actually uses these!? I for one always dismiss these small freebie applicators however, if on the run and in need of one, you may enjoy this small little gem. Not only was I impressed with the engraved logo on the centre of the tool but each side is a different shape. One side, a tapered longer edge. The other, a wider flat sided sponge.

 The Look:
So, here is the look I created. Once I got used to the sight of myself in this much eye make-up (not at all a lot to some of you I'm sure) I grew to like it. I could certainly comfortably rock this on a night out.
Overall, I loved this product for what it is. An affordable, pleasing product that gives drug store consumers like myself a glimmer of great packaging and quality product at an everyday price. So much so, I have gone out and purchased some more Bourjois eyeshadows. Instead of tracking down the original colour combination I had hoped for, I have opted for customising my own colour combination with the Bourjois Little Pot Collection - thoughts to come perhaps!
Bourjois, you have a new fan!

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