2014 New Years Resolutions

10:28 pm

I sit here writing this, knowing that not many people will see this post. 
At this stage, my blog is merely a tiny corner of the internet where few people may stumble across my creative thoughts, projects and ramblings! However, a new year is all about making new goals, resolving bad habits and looking ahead to the coming months. And this tiny corner of the internet, I want to make bigger. BIGGER!

Let's start with my work goals:

20,000 YouTube Subscribers
Yep, that sure sounds like a lot but a goal I think is achievable. As of today, my StyleNovice YouTube Channel is sitting at 4,591. In fact, looking at my analytics for this channel, this time last year, I had zero subscribers on this channel and was just getting started. Look at me now!

In less than a year, I have worked my way up from a simple digital camera with video capabilities, poor natural lighting and a PC laptop that was temperamental at the best of times to taking over an entire bedroom in our new house as a filming and editing studio, new digital camcorder, photographic lighting and a brand new Mac which my god, saves me HOURS of work. Literally. 

I've come a long way. But that's just the start. I'm READY to roll. Ready to work and ready to whip up the best quality videos I can possibly provide for my subscribers. I'm starting the new year with a new office, new equipment and I have my eye on this goal!

Blog Friends
Along with growing my YouTube Channel, I want to broaden this small space on the internet that I call my blog. I want to share my thoughts, feeling and projects with more of you! All of you! 

As a rule I have so far only been using my blog as a platform for people to print off or visit instructions for past tutorials or YouTube videos. I hope to change this, with many extra 'blog only' posts on the horizon. And, to perhaps share some more random ramblings rather than my structured project tutorials. Lucky you.

Stress-Less / Work Life Balance
Along with all this hard work I've been putting into YouTube over the last year, no doubt you will not be surprised to hear that things easily became a bit hectic. I did after all, only start YouTubing after the birth of my first baby while I was home on maternity leave!

The new office (upstairs and now separating work from home-life, unlike the old laptop in which I could work anywhere, anytime) and my new equipment that works faster and more easily is all a big part of this years resolution is creating a better work life balance and I'm glad to be starting a new year in such a way.

Another thing I am working on eliminating is the pressure I put on myself and the stress that comes from that. This year, because work is now hopefully separated from home-life a little more, I will have more of a structured 'work' time (when baby is sleeping / down for the night or husband is home) in which I will have to manage the time I do have, wisely.
Who cares if I don't manage to finish everything I wanted to and I don't manage to provide a video every week. No one will die. This is I am learning.

Another spin off of the above resolution....

Sleep MORE!
I have always been a night owl. ALWAYS. Don't even bother talking to me first thing in the morning but I am full of beans come 8pm and feeling creative! It's very easy for me to stay up until the next morning just pottering away on the computer on god knows what because I never seem to have anything to show for it the next day! Alas, children don't sleep in and I'm up again first thing in the morning and it's all go on not a lot of sleep. The aim, to be in bed, or at least the shower by 11pm. That may sound late to a lot of you but little steps people, little steps! Perhaps I'll work it down to in bed by 10pm. We'll see. I'm a bit of a camel when it comes to water and sleep. I survive on little of each.

Be more healthy
I know this may seem logical, it may seem like a cop out. Everyone starts a new year wanting to eat healthier, exercise more - right? Wrong. I don't think I have ever made a new years resolution to eat better or exercise more. I love food too much! But something clicked the other day and suddenly, I was turning away coke, hot chocolates and overly processed foods. Don't know where it came from but yes, let's roll with it! Eating better always make you feel better and god knows I need a bit more energy. 
In all honestly, I have felt really blah the last few days. I think my bodies gone into shock through lack of sugar. We'll see how long this health kick lasts!

And all of these goals come down to the one biggest goal. They all work toward the ultimate everyday goal of

Enjoying the moment while my daughter is little!
I feel so blessed that this hard work is starting to pay off and I can remain home with my daughter. They are only young once after all and all of this is for her. All of it :)

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