Birthday Delight

11:14 pm

So it's official. I'm Old. Quarter of a century to be exact!
Well, not really. I mean I REALLY am 25. But I'm not REALLY old!
I'm a wife, a mother, a home owner.... and all things official. Because I'm now officially 25!

But what a great way to spend the beginning of the end! This birthday has been one of the better ones I would have to say and it comes down to this.... tea + cake. Because who doesn't love anything that involves tea and cake?

I have always wanted to do High Tea. I just knew inside my bones that it was something I would extremely enjoy. And I did. I loved it. The fancy floral china, the bite size cakes and finger sandwiches and the fancy waitress placing the ever so fancy fabric napkin across my lap.... (Jokes on her, when I sat down, I placed my handbag on my lap and she awkwardly placed the napkin atop it!). With views out across the pool and out towards the lake, we had the restaurant to ourselves and made a girly afternoon tea of it!

I tried the Rose with French Vanilla Tea

And then came the presents.

The one I was most excited about receiving, a sewing machine! I had actually planned on buying this for myself as a 'Happy Birthday to me' kind of spend but alas, I'm clearly not very subtle about what I want and it was bought for me, most unexpected. I LOVE that I received something so special that I will have for years to come and be able to say that I've had this machine since my 25th Birthday. Also, a lot of practical thought went into this gift, knowing that it would help me along with my YouTube videos. I have projects lined up and can't wait to start sewing! Fabric shop tomorrow me thinks.

From my husband, a beautiful Yankee Candle (Mango Peach Salsa) was sitting on the bench for me when I woke up that morning. Perhaps something that many of you have in your home or can easily purchase where you live but imagine my excitement when I saw that a local store was importing this American product that I sit jealously watching on other YouTubers videos! In my mind, these are the second best candles you can purchase, worldwide. Closely following Bath and Body Works 3 Wick Candles (also unavailable in NZ.) I immediately lit it that morning while I was getting dressed for High Tea and it didn't disappoint! The entire room smelt like Mango Salsa - delish! and the fact it burns up to 90 hours - bonus!

Later to arrive in the day, were two beautifully wrapped, flowering pot plants. I love that pot plants are a gift that will keep on giving. 

And to top off a great, casual birthday (with a splash of formal tea and cake) a beautiful, white china trinket box and department store voucher. 

Feeling blessed today. 
And old.

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