{DIY Beauty} DIY Sugar Scrub Cubes

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DIY Sugar Body Scrub Cubes

Lush, Body Shop, Bath and Body Works, Victorias Secret and all their lotions and potions seem to be the latest craze at the moment. They're all over YouTube. I for one have never felt the need to spend such money on body scrubs and body lotions, rather waiting for others to gift these to me as presents. (It just so happened that one such present arrived the afternoon of writing this and oh how luxurious it feels!)

The reason for this? Well for one, growing up these products were 'wants' not 'needs' and because of this, I still get the guilts when I buy something smelly for myself. But also, because I am very aware of natural and everyday pantry ingredients that can do just a good a job, without all the chemicals and added fragrances. Sounds hippyish but I assure you, I am not!

Let me tempt you with an easy body scrub recipe today made from simple supermarket ingredients that most will very likely, already have in their pantries. The upside to this recipe is that the scrub comes in cute, single size servings also making this a fantastic gift idea (note to self!).

Enough with the chit chat. Lets get into it!

View the video tutorial here: http://youtu.be/fBK40ChW6Kw

Coconut Oil
Bar of Soap (I chose an exfoliating one)
White Sugar
Fragrance (optional)
Food Colouring (optional)

Tools Required:
Medium Sized Mixing Bowl
Sturdy Mixing Spoon + Teaspoon
1 Cup Measure
1/2 Cup Measure
1/4 Cup Measure
Ice cube tray OR mould of your choice
Cheese Grater

1/4 Cup Coconut Oil
1/2 Cup Grated Soap
1    Cup White Sugar


  • Into your mixing bowl, spoon in your coconut oil
  • To this, add your grated soap
  • Mix to combine before placing in the microwave
  • Melt in 10 second intervals until your coconut oil has melted and your soap has softened. (Your soap doesn't actually have to melt)
  • Nows the time to add in any fragrance or essence. I've chosen coconut to accentuate the existing coconut oil
  • And a touch of food colouring if you wish for your cubes to be coloured
  • When almost ready to add your sugar, make sure you have your ice cube tray or mould close by and ready to go
  • Quickly stir through your sugar and mix until all is combined
  • Spoon into your tray and firmly packing the mixture
  • Once finished, it's into the freezer for 30 minutes to return the coconut oil to it's hardened state
  • These will last of good few weeks if stored in a cool, dry place or even in the fridge if you live somewhere where coconut oil has no chance of staying cool
  • So, the only thing left to do is indulge in one of your single servings next shower or bath time :)

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