{REVIEW} Milani Baked Blush - 01 Dolce Pink

7:00 am

Milani is one of those brands that suddenly seemed to be popping up on my online shopping visits. In fact, I feel like Milani blushes were well on my radar before they even started popping up on all the YouTube guru videos lately. That said though, it wasn't until I saw these said videos that I thought ok, everyone is raving about this, it's safe to try and worth the purchase.

View my video review here: http://youtu.be/A0r4N9dYxp0

My purchase was part of a bit of a collective haul from Crush Cosmetics who ship internationally by the way as most of these popular brands are not available over the counter here in New Zealand.

The ever important question when trying a completely new brand that I'm not able to view in person before purchasing - what colour to pick!
I am forever reading other peoples reviews and googling colour choices when it comes to these overseas brands. I find the blog reviews where people have purchased several colours from a range to swatch and compare really valuable as it's a great way to look at how a colour swatches on lots of different skin tones.

After a lot of research on other blogs, I narrowed it down to two colours. 01 Dolce Pink (a pink, of course!) and 05 Luminoso (known for its peachy tones). The actual Milani Website helped me come to my final decision. Clicking on each colour swatch brings up a larger picture to look at (as real as I was gonna get trying to shop online). The Dolce Pink is described as a Shimmer Pink.

For colour comparison, well known YouTuber missglamorazzi who is more olive toned in skin colour uses 03 Berry Amore and has been in some of her latest videos.

If you're not one for shimmery blushes, these may not be for you. Personally, I love a subtle shimmer as I love the 'glow' and 'freshness' it gives to my pale skin. My favourite colour combination of the minute, my 01 Dolce Pink atop Rimmels Wake Me Up Foundation (see my review for this item here: http://tinyurl.com/pgxo2f2) Together, they provide the perfect 'glowing' duo.

Below is my blank canvas created using the Rimmel Foundation and on the right, looking alive again with a splash of colour on my cheeks!
This product provides GREAT bang for its buck. A little goes a loooong way. I mean a LONG way. A very light touch is needed here and the colour quickly builds. Great colour pay off. Love it.

Which leads me to the packaging. This blush does come with brush. Now, I've been using my normal blush brush however today in order to save time and rather than dragging myself downstairs to where I had left it, I used the one it came with and, hmmm, not a fan. It just doesn't create a natural looking shape on the face. This could have been better if it were perhaps tapered. That's free brushes for you though. I have never found a free brush that came with a product that I loved or used daily. (Look at me, I'm speaking like I know a lot about make-up, but really I don't.)

The brush is hidden beneath the blusher itself and also comes with a small mirror. Always a bonus. Overall the packaging was bigger than what I expected after looking at a million pics online but I guess, where else did I expect them to hide that free brush and mirror?

The one downside that has not yet been any issue to me, is that a lot of people have elsewhere complained that the central see through plastic has come out and not easily gone back in. This most likely won't be a problem for me and I don't travel often but worth noting for those of you that do.

The shiny gold packaging makes this affordable make-up look more expensive than it is, which I love but boy, it doesn't make it easy to photograph!

Overall, I have a new favourite blusher and am now more likely to try other products from the Milani range. Milani - good job, you have won me over!

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