{Review} Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Polish - 320 Rapid Ruby

11:44 am

Just a quickie review today seeing as I swayed away from my tried and true favourite polish brand (OPI) and splashed out all of $10.99 on this red Rimmel Nail Polish in the colour 320 - Rapid Ruby.

That being said, I didn't go searching the town to find this, nor did I have in mind what polish it was that I wanted to bring home. Merely, that I needed a new Red Polish to use in my DIY Foot Pamper and Pedicure Video, I was in a shop, this was the only 'trusted' brand I would have bought from and it was the only red. The fact that it was the sixty second line - bonus.

The mere thought that my baby girl was blissfully asleep, the husband was out and I had a few sacred minutes to myself to paint my nails in peace and serenity seemed like bliss.

At first stroke, I loved this product. Don't be fooled though, my opinion changed.

I'm painting away, it seemed super smooth and easy to apply and it really does dry in 60 seconds. (Which is great if those sacred minutes end up lasting just seconds!) Also, it must be noted that my first impression was that it doesn't dry entirely glossy. I thought it seemed quite middle ground between glossy and matte. It's strange.

Amazed that I was able to touch things and get on with life with super quick drying nails excited me but, after looking closely at my nails after that first coat, I decided they needed another. Everything just went down hill from there really.

Turns out, the 'express brush - 1 second application' is supposed to be used as so. In a second. With a single swipe. If you can master this technique, great - you might love this. But i'm used to doing the whole middle swipe and two down the sides thing. This polish wasn't great for that. Because it dries so quickly, don't get your strokes done fast enough and you get caught in the quickly setting layer beneath and it all turns pear shaped. The super wide brush also made for a real hash of a job around my cuticles and sides of my nails.

Trying to clean up around the edges, I bumped my nails, decided it was all too much and I was going to take it all off and then..... colour smudge, staining, running all over my fingers. I had red smeared polish all over and around the skin of my fingers and it just didn't want to come off! 
I grabbed some foot scrub from the video I was in the middle of filming and scrubbed away what looked like the remains of a red murder gone wrong and determined not to let this polish win, I started again -sigh-

Third time not so much a charm. It seems in a matter of the bottle being open for just 1/2 an hour, the polish had got gluggy and harder to apply...?
It got easier, yet still needing a heck of tidying around the edges and just a couple of days later, chipping. Argh. 

All in all, you really do get what you pay for but having loved some of Rimmels face products lately, I gave it a chance. For $10.99 I'm more likely to spend the same amount giving something else a chance for a day.  

*Just to note, I applied this without a base or top coat. The true polish test.

Have you tried this product? What did you think - leave your comments below.

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