{REVIEW} Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation - Ivory

7:00 am

I'm going to cut right to the chase - This stuff, is freaking a-maz-ing and worth all the hype it receives. I have never in my life seen my skin looking so fresh and radiant.

Now I know what you might be thinking... ah, this isn't a new product? I know, I know. But it's new to me and sometimes I think people might value the opinion or review of something from any everyday person, rather than a guru who has every product under the sun to compare it to. 

In short, in my short experience with make-up and drug store brands this is the best foundation I have ever used, so far. So, the details...

I've purchased the lightest colour of the Wake Me Up range, 100 Ivory. Which brings me to it's first downfall. Although this downfall has not effected me in the slightest, I can certainly understand how it might do for others. You see, the colour range only sports 6 colours. Quite limiting to a lot of people as I've seen in other reviews.

For me, make-up choice is rather easy. Usually the lightest or second lightest within any range will do for my fair, freckled skin. Speaking of freckles, this foundation also offers SPF 15+ which is always a bonus and makes my feel better about all the ingredients that I can't pronounce that I am smothering onto my skin each morning.

My very first impression when applying this foundation for the first time? THICK. It's very thick and creamy compared to Maybelline's FIT ME which I had been using for quite some months and because of this, heavier than what I am used to. 

Colour comparison below of Maybellines Fit Me Foundation in 120 and the Rimmel Wake Up Foundation in Ivory. A very slight difference, yet enough to achieve magical results!

The next thing I noticed. The smell. A nice smell. Sometimes products can end up smelling clinical but this foundation has a nice sweet smell that isn't too overpowering.

The third new thing, the shimmer. It appears very shimmery on the hands. In fact, after applying, it can look like I've been rubbing ultra fine glitter between my fingers but don't be tricked, it doesn't look like this at all on your face. This, I think is what gives me that fresh, healthy glow that I am LOVING!

I applied this foundation as I do any other. I applied with my hands and then went in with a foundation brush to blend blend blend and that's exactly what I found this foundation needed. I don't think I would get a nice result that I would be happy to leave the house wearing with just my hands alone.

The pump top makes for easy, mess free measuring. My standard morning routine is using just the one pump. I like using just the one as I feel like it gives my skin a really flawless, yet natural and still freckly complexion. Basically I still feel like my myself, but better!

Below is my bare face (for all the internet to see, eek!) and with the Rimmel Foundation. You can certainly see across my cheeks and nose area where the sun hits, it has evened out my complexion and I think the photo also portrays the 'glowing' effect this foundation gives.

This is a light coverage foundation (my freckles are always a great indicator when trying any new make-up) and to achieve anything more than this, you would need probably two pumps but then, I would say it would start feeling pretty darn heavy to achieve that look with this thick cream.

It remains to be seen how much I will still enjoy the pump top bottle once the product gets low!

No need to say that so far, I'm giving this product 4.5 stars (out of 5!). An absolute new favourite. You just can't beat a magical drug store product that delivers on a tight budget!
WORTH the hype. Go and try it!

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