{Step by step Sewing} DIY Fabric Bunting

7:00 am

Fabric Bunting has always been such a cute, traditional kids room decoration. With so much kids fabric left over from other projects, I just couldn't help myself and I LOVE the result!
Follow my process below.

For this project you will need:

Fabric/s of your choice
Scrap Paper, Pen and Ruler
Bias Binding
(in a length that will suit the length of bunting you require)
 Sewing machine
Thread that matches your binding
Sewing Pins

To start:

Create yourself a template of a triangle. You can work to any measurements you prefer or, can work the measurements below.

The base of the triangle is 18.5cm
The sides each 19cm and the top to bottom measurement 16.5cm

Pin the template to your fabric and cut.
For each bunting triangle, you'll need to cut two of these shapes. 

Have a close look to see if your fabric has a right and wrong side.

Pin the two pieces together, right sides in.

Sew along the two long sides leaving the straight base open.

Trim off the tip of your triangle.

Turn your shape the right way out and iron.

Continue making further triangles. As many as your bunting needs to create the length you require.

When ready to put your bunting together, iron your bias binding in half. This binding already has folded edges so it makes it super easy to make tidy sides

Pin your triangle pieces into place. You may want to place the triangles right up close together or have several cms gap between each.

Be sure to allow some free length at either end which allows you tie your bunting up once completed.

Sew along the entire length of tape, sewing each triangle into place as you go.

And there you have it, an easy sew Fabric Bunting.

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