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If you clicked into this post wondering what on earth TSTO stands for. Welcome to the cool club. 

TSTO stands for 'The Simpsons Tapped Out'. It's an app. And in a nutshell - it's 'Life Ruiningly Awesome'. (Try saying ruiningly 5 times fast. I'm already laughing)
The cool kids are cooling it TSTO or, so I've been told by someone much cooler than me, clearly.

If you liked Sim City back in the day, and liked the Sims more recently. You will love this. Who doesn't love the Simpsons? and while we're on the subject, who doesn't love control, power, being the boss of an entire town and having other people work and earn money for you to spend as you wish. Well, that sentence just sums me up really! No, honestly.
How it works is you start off with a small amount of available land and a couple of well known Simpsons characters. You then assign these characters tasks to do. The available tasks vary for each character with more becoming available as you reach higher levels and each task as a different time allowance and is worth a varying amount of 'money' and 'experience'. The experience is what you need to collect in order to move up the levels. 37 levels in total. The money, is needed to buy buildings which then in turn, earn income.
Basically, when you start, you are offered a couple of characters and a the choice of a couple of small buildings that earn a small amount of money every few minutes or hours.
You complete enough tasks until you have enough money to build your first building and slowly collect revenue until you have several buildings earning income, therefore being able to buy other buildings which then unlock other characters which then become your minion slaves also!
The trap of the game, your buildings only earn income whilst you are in the game. Your money doesn't magically build up in your account overnight or over a number of days if you aren't playing. The other trap, the shorter character tasks earn more collectively over a 12 hour period than say one 12 hour task therefore pulling you into its vortex and making you log in more often throughout the day.
You can also add friends and visit their towns once every 24 hours to collect more money and experience. This my friends would be the said 'Cool' group. And yes, there are forums online where us cool kids can converse and add each other so we have more towns to visit, to make more money to buy more accessories for our towns because god forbid my car parking spaces outside my Springfield Mall don't have parking meters or that my garden area goes rotunda-less.
I don't arrange my day around my imaginary characters at all.....
Nor do I move my Christmas Reindeer every 2 days so it gets a nice imaginary rotation of imaginary grass in his imaginary paddock..... not at all.... that would be crazy. That person would have an addiction......yep.
Let's just say, there are 37 levels and in just over one month, I'm at about level 18.
The creators are always updating and creating different tasks and activities based around the time of the year. My town has just come out of a White Christmas and I'm still working my way through some Thanksgiving tasks. It also creates a few new building every few months for those who have reached the final level plus, there are sometimes mysteries throughout the game that can only be answered by tuning into (the American airings of) the new Simpsons episodes.
If only building in reality were this easy.
If only making money in reality were this easy!
There are a few glitches. TSTO is available on both cell and tablet and I have to say, the more characters and accessories I get, the more often my phone crashes. My friends playing on a tablet have had the same issues however not to the extent of my phone I don't believe. I don't let me stop me though. I'm a woman on a mission because lord knows no city is complete without a restaurant promenade and those buildings aren't going to build themselves!
You do also have to tap on each and every building and person individually to collect your monies which is a pain, and sucks you into staying in the game longer. One of the Christmas perks were elves that would collect my presents for me. This would be a nice feature to keep all year around to collect my money and experience.

I'm hooked. I'm addicted. It's a small problem. But at least I'm in the cool kids club. Right?
Let me know in the comments below if I have now ruined your life - awesomely.

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