{Beauty / Daily Musings} The things we do as kids, '90s style!

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As adults, we do all kinds of things to ourselves to achieve a greater sense of looking good to feel good. We apply make-up, shave, pluck, wax, blow dry, straighten, curl, exfoliate, paint our nails, the list goes on. And as little kids, we look upon our mothers, sisters, aunties and grandmas doing all these things thinking 'I can't wait to be older'.

So it got me thinking about the things I used to do as a young girl to try and emulate 'beauty'.

The below picture popped up on an email recently and oh my - remember these?!

Stick-On Earrings

30 Pairs for 30 days of neon coloured hearts, diamonds, stars, circles, triangles, moons - every shape you can imagine when your an under-5 gazing up enviously at the 'older girls' with their ears pierced. For me, I got my ears pierced for my 8th birthday. I couldn't WAIT. Then, I had a calendar where everyday for 8 weeks straight, I counted down the days until I could change my earrings for the first time - the excitement!
I don't know about you, but the exact brand featured in the above photo is the exact earrings I would wear. You can't help but smile when you see boards of stick on earrings and yes, they're still in fashion! I bought some for niece just last year :)

Pink Plastic Disney Heels

For many of us, these pink plastic heels are our first introduction into heels, right?!
We all had these in our dress up box, when we would pretend to be older and oh so sophisticated. And, I must give credit to myself as the heels I had didn't have slingback straps like the ones pictured above and let me tell you, walking in open heeled heels even now days is no easy task!

Snap Bracelets!

Perhaps showing my age here a little bit as these were well and truly a fad of the '90s!
UNTIL, my daughter came home with one yesterday! Snap Bracelets still got it! Just perhaps the neon colours were left in the '90s then...

Crepe Paper Streaks

I don't know how popular this was back in the day, but I sure did it! A little water on some coloured crepe paper and BOOM - easy coloured hair dye! Now, I never did this at home. No. Don't be silly. You would do it at a friends house so, by the time your parents picked you up, it had already been done - what could they do! I remember red being a favourite at the time to do our 'highlights'
(Apologies to all the parents out there whose kids now know about this tip! Don't stress, it washes out in a couple of washes :p )

Lip Smackers

I've left this item until last as these weren't popular in my books until High School where all the girls would have frosty, glitter incrusted, grape smelling lips. Enticing? I think not. But at the time, it was all the rage! Packaging may have changed but for all I know Lip Smackers are still going strong! The labelling above is how I remember the glittery, fruity, lip balms.

So those are MY five items... what springs to mind for you?

Leave your comments below x

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