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There's no debating that technology has taken over the modern world. Kids now watch far too much TV instead of playing outside in the fresh air, play too many video games and as parents we're often absorbed into the vortex of emails and smart phones. Work/life balance - what's that?

So, just how much is something like say, TV contributing to how we live our lives? I have five personal examples.

Example One: Paranoia
The first movie I remember seeing on my own (well, by on my own I WAS only in primary school at the time so perhaps my friends parent was there? can't remember. But my first movie without my own parents present) was The Truman Show with Jim Carey.
Was this age appropriate at the time? Looking back now at the paranoia it has created in my psyche - NO.

If you're not familiar with the movie, basically, Jim Careys character is under constant surveillance. Almost everything that surrounds him is staged and everyone is in on it, except him. The first time he realises something isn't as it seems is when he notices that the cars that pass his home each day seem to be on a loop. They repeatedly pass his home in the same colour order, same time etc...

Now, by this age, I would have probably said myself that I was old enough to understand that a movie is just that. A movie. A fake, staged production for peoples enjoyment. Clearly though, the storyline of this particular movie effected me more deeply.

I was always constantly worried that I was in fact being shown on some secret reality show all across the world and everyone was in on it except me. Did that person look at me the wrong way? Did they see me notice. Do they KNOW I KNOW? 
It would cut short any behind doors dancing, in case 'they' were watching and I was making a fool of myself and have me questioning everything that happened and every look people gave me. Were they walking past me thinking 'OMG, did you see - thats THAT girl!'

I looked up the rating for the movie recently. PG (Parental Guidance Recommended)
Parental Guidance wouldn't have helped - this rocked me to the core!

Example Two:  I saw it on a cartoon- it MUST work!
In a phone conversation with a friend recently, I can't even remember how it came up but I said something along the lines of 'Well, I saw it on the Simpsons. So it MUST be true'.
We were just joking. But then I remembered something I HAD done in real life purely because I heard it on The Simpsons - putting your underwear in the microwave to warm it up on a cold winters day. Yep. I tried it. Can't remember if it was to warm it up, or simply try and dry it faster but either way, I admit. I did it. 
I can also tell you from hard and fast trial and error that a hair dryer works wonders for damp clothing also!

Example Three: Avoidance
Then there was time I avoided eating Margarine for literally weeks because I heard a fact (not saying it's true) that before the final Margarine product as we know it, Margarine is actually BLACK and, if you leave a container outside for a week, even the flies won't touch it because it's essentially not a food product and one molecule away from being classed as a plastic. But hey, I heard the same plastic fact about McDonalds soft serve. 

I now eat both again.

Example Four: Attic Trauma
This one still effects me to this day and I realised just how much it did so when we I had to place something in the attic space the other day. I couldn't do it. I just couldn't. I did NOT want to open that attic space door! Why you ask? Let me tell you...

I saw a documentary. In a nutshell....
One man owned a home. Got a flatmate in to help share expenses. Had a falling out with said flatmate. Asked flatmate to leave. Flatmate left - or so he thought. Started noticing an extra cup on the bench every now and then that he didn't remember using. Frying pan had moved slightly from where he left it in the morning. Neighbour noticed a man coming and going through an attic window in the dead of night. Owner called police. Police searched the home. Opened the attic space. There in the corner, huddled in his sleeping bag - ex flatmate! He had been living in the attic space for WEEKS and helping himself to the shower and pantry while the home owner was at work each day and leaving for work himself during the night through the upstairs window!

I didn't help matters when searching for the above picture, I found another story of a woman who's ex partner had been (unknowingly to her) living in her attic a year after they broke up!

These ones I couldn't ignore. It was FACT rather than a movie! Therefore, I don't like attic spaces. Fair enough I say!

Example Five: Scared to Sleep
Another documentary this time. Dear God, why oh why do people let me watch these things!

I saw a documentary about people with sleep disorders. It focussed mainly on people who act out their dreams. Not having the semi-paralysis during their dream state that normal sleep induces. They interviewed people who were loving and wouldn't hurt a fly in their everyday, awake state but come bed time, turned into a violent and threatening person, their partners having to sleep in a separate, locked room at night for their own safety.

Now, long story short. My husband sleep walks. When I first met him and started experiencing his sleep walking and talking, I was afraid to go to sleep in case, like these people on the documentary, he tried to kill me in his sleep. 
He hasn't. Yet. 

WOW - tell THESE facts to someone doing a documentary about the effects of TV!

Don't even get me started about watching programmes about haunted buildings and paranormal activity!

How has TV effected YOU?
Leave your comments below x

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