{DIY Decor / Beauty} Magnetic Make Up Board

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DIY Magnetic Make Up Board Tutorial

If you're anything like me, you may struggle with bathroom space or storage. More so, you may struggle with tiny toddler hands that like to pinch and poke at any and all products they can get into - just me? Whatever your reason for clearing your products off the bathroom bench, this DIY Magnetic Make Up Board Tray is a fantastic storage solution that utilises your most underused space - your walls!

Metal Baking Tray
Plain Magnets
Super Glue
Lightweight Container/s 


  • To start, we'll prepare the metal baking tray as this process takes the longest due to the required drying time in between colour coats
  • Make sure to find a suitable outdoor area that is well ventilated
  • Following the instructions on the back of the can for spraying onto metal, I first gave my tray a light sanding with a fine sandpaper
  • Next, read the instructions on your spray paint carefully as to how to most safely use the product. Most will recommend shaking the can prior to use for around 2 minutes
  • In preparation for spraying, be sure that your tray is resting upright. This will help to eliminate any drips that fall from the cans nozzle
  • After a good shake, be sure to spray in long, even strokes until your tray has it's first light coverage and for every 10 seconds or so of spraying, hold the can upright and spin it a circular motion until you can hear the ball inside the can moving. This helps keeps the paint mixed and at the right consistency
  • Again, follow the instructions on the can. My can suggested that for a chip proof finish (which is what we want seeing as we will be placing objects on and off all the time) to spray a second coat within 2 hours OR, in 5 hour intervals once each layer has set
  • Before doing my final top coat on the tray, I made sure to go around the edges on the back side. Depending on how high the sides of your tray are, these may be able to be seen once hanging on the wall so for a flawless finish, it's something to consider
  • Once finished spraying, to prevent the paint drying around the nozzle, hold the can upside down and spray until only gas is being released
  • In the meantime, you can prepare your most used or favourite products with the magnets
  • Based on weight, decide what products may require an extra hold. Heavier, glass foundation bottles are more likely to need this and of course any containers that may be carrying the weight of your make up brushes
  • Take some super strong super glue, cut your magnets to size if needed, glue and allow to rest for a couple of hours before testing them out on your board. One more thing to be aware of is if any colour or product details are on the back on your make-up items that you want for future reference, try to place your magnets around this info
  • With your magnets dry and your spray paint set, all thats left to do is to place on your favourite items
  • The final and perhaps one of the most important steps is to hang your board. The way you do this will vary depending on where and onto what surface you are doing this. Make sure it is adhered well. The last thing you want is the entire tray falling from a great height and breaking your favourite shadows and foundation bottles!

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