{Recipe} No Bake Overnight Yoghurt Oat Breakfast

7:00 am

Anything looks amazing when it comes in a Mason Jar right? and this oh so scrummy No Bake Overnight Yoghurt Oat Breakfast idea is no different. Quickly whip these up the evening before and grab the jar as you rush out in the morning. Not only will you start the day with a full tummy of a filling and healthy breakfast, you'll also look ever so cute doing so!

1/2  Cup Oats (Standard Oats - not instant or steel cut oats)
1/2  Cup Plain Greek Yoghurt
1/2  Cup Milk
2     Tbsp Honey

Optional Extras: 
- Diced fruit of your choice
- Cocoa Powder
- Creamed Rice


I'm going to be sharing two different flavours today, the first being a healthy fruit option

Fruit Mix

  • In a mixing bowl, combine together 1/2 cup oats with a 1/2 cup each of greek yoghurt and milk. For the sweetener, add 2 Tbsp honey. I melted my honey in the microwave for 15 seconds first to make it easier to mix through
  • Next, add in the diced fruit of your choice. I've used freshly diced Mango
  • And that's basically it. All you need now is to place your mix into a sealable jar or container
*Now, you can also mix these recipes up straight into the jar and simply give it a good shake to combine the ingredients but I wanted to get fancy and create pretty layers in my jar. It didn't really work and I ended up mixing the fruit into the oats anyway so either way is fine.
  • And it's into the fridge for at least an hour but these are great to make the evening before and grab on the go in the morning. Overnight, the yoghurt and flavouring will soak into the oaks - delish!
Chocolate Mix
  • This recipe starts off with the same basic mix. 1/2 cup oats, a 1/2 cup each of the greek yoghurt and milk and 2 tbsp of honey for sweetness
  • Next, I add 1 1/2 tbsp cocoa powder into the mix
  • And throwing away all sense of healthy, I add a small can of creamed rice
  • Making an effort to bring back the healthy, I add one full diced banana and mix everything through well
  • Again, its into a sealable jar and into the fridge.
*The banana versions of this recipe won't last as long as the others in the fridge so I recommend eating these ones first. The other fruit ingredients will be fine to pre-prepare a couple of days ahead of time.

*Lastly, I used fairly large mason jars and in all truth, you could probably halve this mixture and still have a really satisfying breakfast.

So, next time you know you have a hectic week coming up. Plan ahead with this easy to grab on the go breakfast and you'll be so glad you did :)

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