{Recipe} Valentines Heart Crepes

7:00 am

With time quickly running out to buy that ever-so-thoughtful Valentines gift for your loved ones this year, I have yet another recipe for you that is so simple to whip up with everyday pantry ingredients that no one will ever know you FORGOT Valentines Day!
Today, I'm sharing with you all Heart Shaped Crepes. Again, something the girls can make for the guys (foods always a winner for them) and equally, the guys can whip together for the girls (girls love a man in the kitchen ;)

3/4  Cup Standard Flour
3/4  Cup Milk
1     Egg
       Pinch Salt

Now, clearly, these crepes aren't entirely substantial. You're going to want to add some yummy toppings and perhaps a couple of side dishes of more substance such as fresh fruit or yoghurt to compliment the dish.

You will also need: A squirty / sauce bottle


  • In a medium sized jug with a lip for easy pouring, add in your flour, milk, egg and salt
  • Whisk together until smooth, adding a little more milk if necessary to create a smooth batter that will easily come through the nozzle of your squirty bottle while still allowing control over your design and the speed at which it comes out into the pan
  • Heat your pan up to a medium heat
  • Transfer your batter to the bottle
  • For each heart crepe, add a small knob of butter to the pan and disperse this around the pan to create a nice, non stick surface (not to mention gives the crepe a nice sweet, buttery taste!)
  • Slowly squeeze your bottle to apply a thin layer of batter in the shape you prefer or feel like creating. Try to keep any large blobs of batter or joins within your design away from the points of your heart. It will go a long way towards actually keeping it looking like the original shape!
  • Allow to brown on one side before flipping. (They are actually much easier to flip than you would assume. Because the mixture is very thinly applied, the shapes takes on a stiff, crispier texture which makes flipping your intricate designs all the more easier
  • Once cooked, serve with the topping and side dishes of your choice
  • For wow factor, Valentines surprise moment, I would serve just one on the initial plate but be sure to have a stack of crepes waiting to one side because these don't take long to disappear!
Have a fantastic Valentines Day with your loved ones xx

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