{Beauty} Elizabeth Arden Disappointment

7:00 am

Am I the only person in the world whose lips HATE lipstick, gloss and stains, really....? Within an hour of applying gloss or lipstick, my lips are chapped like cracked desert sand. Therefore, no matter where I am or what I'm doing. I always have lip BALM with me, or, depending on what I'm wearing or what bag I'm taking, often it also ends up in the husbands pocket!

I'm a big fan of Blistex products. Like, seriously. I swear by their repair range. But, after seeing SO many rave reviews about the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Skin Cream Range, I decided I was going to branch out or rather, splash out.

The Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Range also offers a Nourishing Lip Balm and at NZ$42 a pop, it was a Birthday Treat to myself.

It's an everyday lip balm, not a repair cream but still, for NZ$42 a tube, I had high expectations and expected a VAST improvement to be seen - overnight. 

I love the texture of this product. It's a pale orange, sticky gel like substance which on sight, reminds me of the thick gels you would put on serious burns. It's sticky, but not bad sticky. Sticky as in, it feels like it sticking onto your lips and going to stay put, but not stick your lips together! or catch your hair all day. I can't quite put the right words together to explain the texture of this product but I just love to apply it because of this.

Overnight, did I see an improvement? Yes. Or, was I just so expecting miracle results that I talked myself into seeing something that wasn't there. No. I did see an improvement but that's about where it ends. It didn't continue to improve my lips, nor prevent cracking. It certainly doesn't last 8 hours either. 

After applying several times a day, I had to bust out my old favourites again to repair the damage.

Would I buy this again? No. My trusty Blistex products for $5-$7 each do the job just fine thank you, and 100 times better.

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