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Once again, Winter is just around the corner. And once again, I am well under prepared.

It seems no matter what season it is, I'm dressing for the opposite and almost always, too hot or too cold.

Well a big 'thing' for me over the last couple of years is that I would love to create the 'perfect' mix and match wardrobe where with just a handful of quality, essential pieces a multitude of fantastic outfits to suit all seasons can be created. Nothing has really been happening on this front except a whole lot of research and (online) window shopping.

I'm inspired by YouTubers videos I see where four times a year they seem to go out and do a massive shop, one for each season and for the upcoming, Winter season, there are some key looks that have got me excited!

Sweaters over collared shirts
There is something just so effortlessly chic and put together about this look.
The below pictures all feature thin knits but I'm loving the look created with chunky cable knit sweaters as well. Also loving how the V-neck in the first picture creates such an elegant yet oh so casual feel.
P.S. Now wanting a red chequered shirt to go with the look!

Boot Socks
This is no new obsession. I was goggling and etsy-ing these bad boys last winter as well after I first saw them worn by Carly Cristman. There seems to be three options with Boot Socks. You can go either a full, to the knee actual sock (seems logical right when we're talking about, well, socks!?) OR, you can go the leg warmer style. Perfect for those like me who don't have enough room in the foot of our boots for more bulk but could do some in the calf area. OR, lastly the fake out boot cuff. Essentially a cuff that falls just above the top cut of your long boots to make it SEEM like your wearing long socks. Confused? See below!

Waterfall Cardigans
These were a big trend last year. It always seems to take me a year to decide whether I like a trend or not and often, by the time I decide, the moment has passed or they become really hard to find! It seems this one is around to stay and is one, I've decided, if worth investing in.

I love how cosy and comfy, and not to mention WARM and PRACTICAL they look. Last year I thought they were perhaps too 'slouchy' but have since seen some elegant ways of styling them and have noted it down on this Winters shopping list. I love the look of the black and white 'ski' patterned cardigans well, to me, this black and white pattern makes me instantly think of Winter and Ski Chalets. (Not that I have ever and probably will ever go to a ski chalet?)

Khaki Parkas
Again, perhaps this moment has passed? Or, perhaps I'm just been watching far too much YouTube from the Northern Hemisphere and the Khaki Parka is only just gaining tracks here in NZ? - let's hope so!

The first picture below is the actual parka I have been eyeing for WEEKS (67 days to be exact) on ASOS. There comes a time where I just have to bite the bullet and make a purchase. Things on ASOS don't last forever either as I've come to find out the hard way!

Ankle Boots
I'm always up for boots and for the last couple of years, ankle booties have been my new obsession. I fed the obsession last year with the purchase of some micro suede, flat ankle boots last winter but now, now I want heels! To me, NOTHING is sexier than a great pair of heeled ankle boots and THESE are the ones I have my eye on at the moment.

My only dilemma? To BEIGE or to BLACK.
The old me would have gone black, no questions asked. I love how Fleur De Force teams a kicking black ankle bootie with black tights for an effortless sexy look but, I just don't wear as many skirts and dresses as she does and would they look as good with pants??

The new, more adventurous, trying out new styling ideas and getting more into fashion and beauty me wants the beige, the beige, THE BEIGE! 

Time will tell.
I'm also a guest at a Winter (May) Wedding this year and have been scouring the internet for something new, different, something that will suit my new (not purchased yet) ankle booties and be wearable again for other events.

What has or IS inspiring you this Winter fashion wise?
Leave your comments below x

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