{Food Inspiration} My New Healthy Food Friends

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Now is about the time that people start wavering from their well thought out New Year Resolutions made with such intent. Hopefully, this little post can re-inspire you to keep up with your healthy food choices or, at the very least, writing about it will help to keep ME inspired!

At the beginning of the year, I laid down some 2014 New Years Resolutions because writing them down is the first step to achieving them really isn't it? I said I wanted to be healthier and make wiser choices with food. Not to lose weight or anything drastic like that, but just to feel better, more motivated and have more energy.

Working from home during the day, its easy to munch and nibble on whatever I can get my hands on and WHENever I feel like it. The thought process of deciding on wise choices to pack into a lunch box to take to work each day just isn't there. So in order to start making wiser choices, I had to re-evaluate what exactly was going to be in the pantry and fridge for me to choose from.

I've been doing well and being sure to pack the pantry with quick and easy snacks that are at least better choices that what I would have grabbed before. My new healthy food friends have been:

Cheese and Crackers
My husband and I both love these Vege Crackers and teamed with a light spread of Sweet Fruit Chutney beneath a thin slither of Mild Cheese and topped with some halved Cherry Tomatoes, it makes quite the afternoon spread!

My daughter looooves these bite sized tomatoes. In fact, this was the second pottle I bought as the first one didn't even make it in front of the camera! Normally, whenever there is a dead silence within the house, it means your children are up trouble... not mine. It just means the fridge doors open with a tiny tot sitting in front of it with her hands in my tomatoes!

Natural Greek Yoghurt 
I initially kept Greek Yoghurt in the fridge to make my easy No-Bake Overnight Yoghurt Oat Breakfasts but have quickly come to enjoy the tart, unsweetened taste of Natural Greek Yoghurt.

My daughter and I enjoy a snack size portion of this throughout the day with a little melted honey drizzled over top as a natural sweetener.
My husband loves yoghurt too and we often purchase the large 1kg pottles like this. He spooned into this tub the other day and his face was priceless - He thought it had gone off! The natural, bitter taste of Greek Yoghurt is an acquired taste for some I think!

I LOVE to make home made quesadillas for lunch. It's such a filling and satisfying, hot lunch to enjoy midday. 

I keep my ingredients super simple -  One Tortilla, spread with Refried Beans, Topped with a tablespoon of Chilli Sauce, a sprinkling of Grated Cheese and topped with another tortilla. Then it's into a un-oiled hot pan to brown and crisp on both sides as the cheese melts. If i'm being SUPER lazy, I'll just chuck it in the microwave - soggy but still takes good!

Diced Prune Bites
I've always been a fan of prunes and love these dried, teeny tiny bite size prune pieces. I have been grabbing a bag of these with each weeks shop and normally grab a small handful or so to nibble on while I watch late night TV. The pieces are quite rubbery and don't have a very strong taste compared to a fresh prune but the more I eat, I more I seem to crave them!

These were actually originally purchased to replace the Dried Cranberries I have been buying after I discovered how much sugar is in them! No wonder they taste so good!!

So, I DO like my English Muffins in the morning but I've been loving having a box of Muesli or Cereal in the cupboard to have as supper if I'm still feeling hungry after dinner or later in the evening. Not the sugary cereals though - something full of wheat and oats. It sure beats the hot chocolates I always used to make health wise!

So that's about as far as I have bravely ventured with my snacks so far and its perhaps getting to the point where I need some new ideas before I become sick of these options.

Let me know what to try next! What are YOUR favourite healthy snacks?
Leave your comments below x

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