{Beauty} St Ives Green Tea Scrub - My New Proactiv Solution

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I've been a big fan of the Proactiv range and used it for years. We've all seen the informercials, right? and I for one can personally say that I honestly believe in the range - it works! and I can only wish that it was around 12 years ago when I was a teenager.

I first bought Proactiv about four years ago. I didn't have awful skin but was getting some adult acne still and after suffering such bad skin growing up, just one spot could bring back all those awful memories and anxiousness. How my skin looked, would effect my day.

I signed up for the 3-Step System; Cleanse, Tone, Moisturise and was sent a new parcel every 3 months. I always seemed to steam roll through the Toner, have half a bottle of Cleanser left by the time the next package arrived and Repair Treatments backing up by the numbers at the back of the cupboard. So, although I may have only been signed up for the parcels for a year or so, I've only JUST made it through all my Proactiv product!

There in lies the question I was left asking myself - What do I use now? I feel like I've 'grown out of' bad acne now. (You know how adults would always tell you that one day 'you'll grow out of it' well, I guess they were right - shock horror). 
While I debated what to purchase next I was just kinda using, nothing. And my skin missed it.

I liked the abrasive nature of the Proactiv Cleanser, like a daily exfoliator.
When I thought to myself, I want a scrub, the first brand to come to mind was St Ives. More specifically, when I think of a 'Scrub', I instantly think of the St Ives Apricot Scrub. Well known, well loved, well regarded, worldwide. 

I had been using the 'Simple' Moisturiser by this time and considered purchasing the matching scrub but, St Ives once again came up trumps by offering much more product for the same price.

While at the supermarket (another bonus - so easy to get your hands on), I compared the Apricot Scrub to the Green Tea one sitting next to it. Bingo - Salicylic Acid. THIS is what I needed - and I'm loving it.

This Salicylic Acid Acne Treatment gives me the exfoliation I crave in a gentle, daily scrub, perfect for removing make-up at the end of my day in a refreshing, Green Tea scent and pretty, pale mint colour.

First use, it left my skin ultra tight and almost literally 'squeaky' to the touch. But just as Proactiv made my skin feel like this in the first instance, my skin has adjusted to it and it's now something I can comfortably use both morning and night to keep any pesky spots at bay.

I definitely recommend this product for anyone needing a gentle Acne Scrub.

Let me know if you have tried this product!
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