{Step by Step Sewing} DIY Padded Make Up Brush Roll

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{Step by Step Sewing} DIY Make Up Brush Roll

I thoroughly enjoyed making this padded make-up brush roll! With the addition of some new ELF brushes to my make-up collection, along with the new sewing machine I received for my birthday I thought this was the perfect first sewing project to get stuck into. I whipped this little beauty up in just a couple of hours!

Just a couple of disclaimers before we get into this:
  • I created this pattern myself. I did not work from any template or purchased pattern, rather I simply looked at lots of google pics of make-up rolls I liked the look of and came up with my own way of sewing this. Therefore, you may very well think of ways to better this pattern to make it even easier - go for it! and feel free to share in the comments below if you do so others may follow suit :)
  • Obviously, due to my recent purchase, this make-up roll is designed around my ELF brushes. I thought it would be easier to give you all some set measurements, rather than leaving you to work them all out yourself based on your brushes. You may however want/need to make a few adjustments to your measurements should your brush lengths (or brush numbers) vastly differ. Again - go for it! DIY is all about adapting things to work for YOU!
With that said, lets jump into it. Have fun!

You will need:
Lining Fabric 
(This is the colour that your make-up brushes will sit on)
1 piece = 31cm x 31cm
1 piece = 31cm x 26.5cm
Thread to either match or contrast (Will be seen in-between each brush)

Outer Fabric 
(This is the pretty fabric that will be seen when your roll is folded and to create the tie ribbons)
1 piece = 31cm x 31cm
1 piece = 32cm x 5.5cm (Ribbon Tie)
1 piece = 16cm x 5.5cm (Ribbon Tie)
Thread to either match or contrast (Will be seen on the edges of the ribbon)

Dacron Padding
1 piece = 29.5cm x 28cm


Creating our Seams
  • Along one of the 31cm edges of your two lining pieces, fold a 1.5cm seam and iron in place
  • Do the same for your outer piece
  • Take the raw 31cm edge of your smaller lining piece and iron this fabric in half, ironing the raw edge into the seam you just folded
Creating the brush pockets
  • Lay the larger lining piece seam side up on your table
  • Place the smaller lining piece seam side down on top of this
  • Pin into place so that all sides align
  • Sew into place along each side with the footer of your machine as your guide. Across the bottom sew, but do not sew over the ironed seams
  • So, you'll now have one large pocket made with your lining materials
  • Next, cut an A4 piece of paper in half, lengthways. This should fit exactly within the stitches you have just made to sew your pocket
  • Using this piece of paper, align your brushes how you want them to appear within your make-up roll (I was missing one brush from my collection so used a similar sized brush to allow for this measurement)
  • Take a pencil or pen and roughly draw in between each brush. This giving us an idea how wide each pocket needs to be so that they all fit within your roll
  • When measuring, don't just allow for the thickness of the brushes but the span of the brush itself so they aren't rubbing up on neighbouring bristles
  • Next, take a ruler and line these measurements more evenly
  • Then take this piece of paper and pin it to the pocket you created earlier, pinning through all layers of this lining material
  • You can now sew straight across the paper, using your lines as a guide
  • When finished sewing, the paper easily tears away from the stitching just perforated paper. You've now finished creating the pockets!
Creating the ribbon ties
  • Moving onto your outer fabric now, take the two smaller pieces that will be our ribbon ties and iron in a small edge on both sides of these pieces
  • Next, iron each outer edge into the center and then fold in half
  • Sew along these ribbons in your matching, or contrasting thread for this fabric
  • We're now ready to assemble everything!
Assembling your make-up roll!
  • Take your lining piece with it's newly created pockets and lay this pocket side up on the table
  • Lay your ribbons just above the top far left pocket with the long piece resting on the lining, and the short piece sitting on top of this
  • On top of this, lay your outer fabric print side down (seam facing up)
  • On top of this, goes your dacron padding. The sizing allows to sit just above the bottom seams as we don't want a bulky layer here to sew through later
  • Pin everything in place, through all layers
  • Sew around all three sides, leaving the bottom seams once again untouched and open
  • Now, you can turn your brush roll the right way out and it will be starting to look like the final product
  • The last thing to do is to sew along these bottom seams to complete the project. Now is a fantastic chance to use a decorative stitch if your machine allows and a contrasting coloured thread to make a feature of it
  • With your make-up roll complete, slide in your favourite brushes, fold the top of the roll down over the bristles and fold in three from right to left. The longer ribbon will wrap around the entire roll and meet the shorter ribbon to be tied for travel
One of my favourite projects so far. Enjoy xx

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