{Diary} Evil Weevils

7:00 am

I had never heard of weevils until I was at a Tupperware Party one evening. Maybe I should of bought some Tupperware that night because they were ALL through our pantry today!

I went to make pancakes at lunch and there were small, light brown bugs wriggling all over the flour packet - ick. Checked the second flour packet - weevils. The third flour packet - weevils. Looked up weevils and what they eat. Went to check all those products and there were weevils in ALL our wheat products, sealed containers and all - sigh. My collection of Sistema is somewhat of a running joke in our household along with my obsession for any and all containers. Not weevil proof it seems.

Flour packets and AIR TIGHT Baking Powder container

Apart from the fact that I just had to biff almost my entire baking collection that I have worked so long to accumulate, all I can think about is if I unknowingly ate them the other day when I made pancakes - ARGH, I'm itchy just thinking about it!

What are weevils you ask? Well, no one's going to die from eating them but still. Shivers.
(Takes a moment to re-reseach said weevils).....

The state of my kitchen while I decided how to de-weevil the cupboard

So apparently, according to THIS article, I may be mistaking the said weevils for a type of caterpillar. The larvae of moths. Mmm, appetising. Think I'm being sarcastic? Re-read that article, it says they're edible!

Most of the information I found earlier today in a hot flush panic was that it's not an infestation within the house, thank god, but that a lot of pre-packaged food already contains eggs (now thats a nice thought, isn't it?!) and when people like me keep forgetting they already have 2 bags of flour at home, purchase another.... and then another. I suppose that flour was sitting there long enough for the egg cycle to complete, and hatch. Cue weevil panic.... and a wild bleaching frenzy.

It seems they are rather quite common is other parts of the world and when purchasing wheat products, we should keep them in the freezer for 2-3 days to break the lifecycle before placing these goods in the pantry. Or at least, sift them out before consumption.... I opted to BIN them out.

My very sad looking 'AFTER' wild bleaching and de-weeviling pantry

I for one used to LOVE the thought of having a well stocked, farm style, ready to bake any and everything pantry. Now, I'll be sticking to what I need and use on a regular basis.

I for one do not want to stick around and see what these tiny caterpillars grow into!

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