{Diary} #sendandsee on Mothers Day!

7:35 am

Imagine being able to send your Mum a gift on Mother's Day and see her surprised reaction upon delivery, from wherever you are at the time!

This year, to celebrate Australia's Mothers Day (Sunday, 11th May - for those who need a reminder) Telstra is making it happen. They're calling it Telstra #sendandsee. Regardless of your proximity or distance from your Australian Mum, you're able to send her a heartfelt gift to celebrate the occasion and catch the delivery and her reaction to receiving the gift from a secret camera, hidden in the couriers glasses. You'll receive the recording straight into your email to catch her response. How lovely is that!?

So whatever you were planning to send Mum this Mothers Day, whether it were going to be some flowers, a hamper basket, a simple card.... Telstra can better it! They're giving away a #sendandsee package up to the value of $500! To enter, follow the links in the video above and tell Telstra what you'd like to send your Mum and why she deserves it. (FYI, incase you were planning on sending Mum some kind of exotic animal in exchange for the 18 years of your up-bringing, wildlife deliveries will not be accepted)

So what will you be sending your Mum this year? Tell me in the comments below!

*This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own

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