{Diary} Sleep Walking Encounter

6:43 am

Do any of you live with someone that sleep walks?  I do. Here's last night's encounter...

To set the scene,  I was in the shower. Hubby had been asleep for several hours already (I had been up pinteresting).

HUBBY: (Barges into bathroom) Babe.
ME: (Opens shower door)
HUBBY: I'm going upstairs.
ME: OK...? What for?
HUBBY: That warranty claim...
ME: (Sighs) Your sleep walking
HUBBY: Oh. Is it not tomorrow yet?
ME: No,  it's not tomorrow yet. And tomorrows Sunday, anyhow.
HUBBY: But that warranty claim from last night...
ME: Your sleep walking...
HUBBY: My foots sore.
ME: Umm...OK. What's your sore foot got to do with warranty claims?
HUBBY: Ah, it's sore... it should be under warranty.

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