{Diary} We Need To Talk.... about Charles & Alli

1:34 pm

If you're an avid CTFxC fan, you will have by now heard the news that Charles and Alli Trippy have decided to go their separate ways. I'm not one to gossip or comment about other YouTubers but, this one shocked me. They were one of those couples that seemed the epitome of 'living the dream' and true love.

After 5 years of daily vlogging, a wedding and awful health issues for Charles, they have definitely gone through a lot yet achieved so, so much together.

The reason I write this post is that Charles and Alli were the first people I watched on YouTube, like, ever. I first tuned in around the beginning, around the time they were just coming out of their first year of vlogging and deciding to continue it on. Life went on and I moved around, lived my life and came back to find them again just a couple of years ago, just after their big wedding and have been tuning in again ever since.

Vlogging is a funny business. YouTube is a funny business, really. We watch these faces on a daily or weekly basis and feel like we know them and understand what goes on in peoples lives but really, vlogs and videos are such a small snippet of someones life. The snippets they choose to share or portray to the world. I wish both of them the world of happiness moving forward because they are both seem like such lovely people, making the most out of life.

When I hear of 'celebrity' break ups, I often think of the 'Reality Series Curse'. The majority of celebs that choose to share their private lives with the world so publicly almost never work out. I never saw this one coming though! and it made me think....

(and I don't know them personally at all so this is entirely in my own opinion)

With the pressures of daily vlogging, couples (not just these two) could potentially fall into the trap of almost living a fake life. A life where because there is a need to supply footage of each day, a lot of it may end up being for the cameras, or auto pilot as you may say, so the show can go on. The interactions, the laughs, the conversations in general. I can easily see how it would become easy to fall into a trap of living for the show, and not for themselves and in turn, losing their original connection...?

I can only think (and again, this is just my own opinion) that perhaps, in this instance they should have taken a step back from vlogging, removed that pressure and just lived life together. But you know what, you never know what goes on behind closed doors and KUDOS to them for vlogging through all their ups and downs, especially Charles' recent health issues because not all of us could do that.

Such sad news but I wish them both strength in moving forward into the next phase of their lives because, god knows they know how to live it! xx Love these guys.

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