{Recipe} Easter Egg Nests

7:00 am

It seems like only a few months ago that I was posting my first ever Easter tutorial. That was a whole year ago now and at the time, it was one of my first videos to get a crazy amount of views overnight (at the time it seemed like a lot, anyway).

Well, its that time of year again and I have two great recipes to share with you this week, the first being EASTER EGG NESTS! (Cue cheers for anything to do with chocolate, yay!)

What you will need:

Crispy Chow Mein Noodles (or pretzel sticks, or even shredded wheat)
Melting Chocolate
Mini Easter Eggs
Muffin tin or high sided bowls
Oil / Butter

That's it!

Making the Nests:
  • First things first, you want to grease the baking dish you'll be using to create the nests in as once your chocolate is melted, you gotta work fast!
  • In a mixing bowl, melt your chocolate as per the instructions on the pack. Most likely this will be in the microwave or, by using the double broiler method
  • Melt your chocolate until it is molten smooth and add in your noodles, pretzels or the nest material you have chosen to work with. You may need to crush the pieces smaller depending on the type and size of mould you're using
  • Be sure to mix your nest ingredient through the chocolate well so that all sides are covered
  • Using a spoon, spoon the mixture into your mould focussing on the bottom and sides of the dish or simply filling it up and pressing a hole into the middle
  • You can either place the easter eggs in now, or after the chocolate has set
  • To set the chocolate, place the nests into the fridge for a couple of hours
  • To safely release the nests from your mould, try resting the base of it a sink full of hot water. Not for too long though, you don't want the chocolate to completely melt. Just enough to pry the edge of your nest out
And there you have it, a chocolately, crispy treat that can be eaten even when the easter eggs have long since disappeared. 

Happy easter everyone x

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