{Step-by-Step NO SEW} DIY Dog Bed

7:00 am

If you watched my DIY Dog Jacket a few weeks ago, you may recognise this fabric I'm using today. I had a lot of polar fleece left over and with my dog spending so much time with me here in my office, I thought I'd make another sleeping spot in here for him.

This is a super easy, no sew tutorial. All you ready need is your fabric and a pair of a scissors, it couldn't be simpler.

  • So to start, you may need to think about what you're wanting to use as your padding. I had a spare pillow I was happy to part with so made my bed to fit around this. But, you can make almost any shape you prefer and if it's something trickier, you can simply buy some stuffing to fill almost any shape
  • First off, lay your fabric out on your table. And just a quick note that it doesn't have to be polar fleece that you use, but it is a super comfy and warm option for pets
  • Either trace around or draw the shape you are wanting leaving a generous hem around the outside edge. This extra fabric will be tied to keep our beds together.
  • Trim off any excess fabric
  • Cut into each corner as you see in the video on my rectangle
  • Then its simply onto cutting your tassels. Try and keep each tassel the same width. Around the width of your finger
  • When all tassels have been cut around each side, its time to tie the two sides together. Remember to leave an opening though to put in your pillow or stuffing. Tie one side to the other using a double knot
  • Slide in your stuffing and simply complete the knots on this last remaining side and you're complete! A simple to make DIY No Sew Dog (or pet) bed

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